eGovernment - more than just a catchword ...

E-government is about citizen-friendly services, cross-agency collaboration, and efficient digital processes.

In Serbia, S&T has done a pioneering work turning this vision into reality by creating National eGovernment portal – as a backbone for all further projects of a kind. So far, some of the most important projects that S&T has successfully completed in this area are:

  •  eGovernment Portal
  • Social Welfare Information System (SWIS)
  • eDriving Schools
  • eRegistration for Vehicles
  • eJustice
  • eZUP - Government Service Bus 

    The national eGovernment portal has been available to the public since June 2010. For the realization of this project, S&T Serbia received The European IT Excellence Award, and today more than 300 services are available to citizens on the portal.
Workplace Services


Serbian National eGovernment portal ( represents a citizen-centric one-stop delivery of G2C, G2B and G2G services which provide alternative to conventional way of dealing with administration over the counters. The portal, including each subsystem, is carefully designed in order to provide: complex functionalities, high performance, reliability and simplicity. The concept of ease of use is a prerequisite for every system that uses a wide user base, and this database currently exceeds the figure of 800,000 registered users.  

The solution is highly interoperable and is communicating with various other information systems of more than 10 institutions including:  Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Treasury and Tax Administration, Serbian Business Registers Agency, Association of Serbian Insurers, National Employment Service, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance, Ministry of Public Administration, Local Self-Government etc.  

The portal also provides public service employees with a tool to easily create electronic forms and complete workflow for request submission.

In addition to all mentioned, as a system integrator, S&T also provided hardware delivery and installation as well as maintenance of the delivered IS together with state-of-the art data protection and security. This way, IT infrastructure has been built and run to the very highest standards of security, data privacy and availability.

Benefits for users

  • Improved the efficiency of the administration
  • Alternative ways of providing services
  • Increased transparency of the work of state administration bodies
  • Quick and easy access to information
  • A catalyst for the development of new electronic services
  • Significant influence of the population on the work of state bodies
Document Management

Implemented solutions/moduls

Digital authentication

A solution that raises the security of web sites and portals to the highest possible level by using electronic certificates when logging in.

Digital signing

 With the enactment of the law on the validity of electronic signatures, this system finds daily use, primarily in services offered by state administration bodies. Its easy integration into any system makes it an ideal solution to use regardless of the type of application.

Timestamp Solution (TSA)

Reliable information on the timing of transactions,
documents and electronic signatures is crucial in individual systems. Our solution provides easy connection so that external applications can easily take advantage of all the functionalities of such a system.

ePayment +

This is an independent module with new payment channels, and is a system that has a multiple role when paying fees. It is intended primarily for end users, ie. citizens and businesses, who from now on can make payments through the eGovernment portal with almost all types of payment cards, as well as via mobile phone.

The system also provides an opportunity for state administration bodies that currently independently offer electronic services on their websites to integrate and thus complete the complete application process, which includes the payment of fees. 


This is a complex system that makes it easier for citizens to do business with the administration for services that currently cannot be done on eGovernment, and which, as a rule, follow long lines at the counters. Scheduling application is done with an intuitive and simple interface.


System for independent creation of complex survey questionnaires, data collection, graphical presentation of results and their export intended for advanced statistical processing. Creating survey questionnaires, as well as answering questions with all the necessary validations, has never been easier with the use of web browsers only.

Content Management System (CMS) 

The content management system is the basis of every portal, including the most complex ones such as eGovernment portal. Our internally developed solution, in addition to meeting all the requirements of such a system, also has a great advantage in terms of security.

The backbone of the platform is the C # programming language which, together with ASP.NET and other recommended technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and others, provides a secure basis for the implementation of even the most complex IT projects.