First-class IT services in logistics

Finding a unique competitive advantage is difficult in every industry today. Large amounts of data, generated in real time, need to be turned into useful information, incorporated into vital business processes and – action taken. By establishing an efficient supply chain and understanding strategic, tactical and operational processes, companies can use available IT solutions to effectively manage their processes and make better use of their employees’ working hours.

Warehouse Management Solution: Infor WMS

Infor solution for warehouse management covers and improves the entire cycle and all its' aspects - from inventory management, warehouse documents, tasks and work of employees, storage space to issuing invoices. This solution enables faster flow of goods - from receipt to shipment and complete traceability throughout the warehousing process as part of the supply chain. 

Some of the features of this solution are:

  • Data entry on the spot: compatible with the latest Voice Picking, Pick-by-Light, RFID technologies
  • Based on JAVA platform
  • Web application
  • Work on Hand Held (RF) devices can be with the use of Windows OS via Infor WMS Telnet application or Android OS via Infor WMS WebRF application
  • Among the leaders on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2019 and 2020
  • Flexibility in working with different external solutions
  • Highly configurable system that provides great options for parameterization when configuring storage processes
  • Can be implemented through Infor Cloud or as an "On Premise" solution
  • Stability and scalability
  • Electronic communication with business partners (Flat, EDI…)
  • Support for 3PL companies
  • 3D visual display of the warehouse and display of positions of employees in the warehouse who perform certain WMS tasks in real time



  • Full support for "Paperless business" in real time
  • Complete control over warehousing business processes
  • Minimization of errors
  • Increasing employee productivity and performance monitoring
  • Complete traceability and labeling
  • Increased accuracy when commissioning
  • Goods exit according to the FIFO / FEFO / LIFO principle
  • Faster and more accurate inventories conducting
  • Better utilization of storage space
  • Billing warehousing services for the customer


Route Planning Solution

About the Solution

This solution is at the very top of software solutions in the field of dynamic distribution optimization. It is based on vector maps, geographical codes of delivery points and 11 built-in algorithms for calculating optimal routes, taking into account defined restrictions and legal regulations, such as. non-mixing of chemicals and food products in one vehicle. With the help of this software solution, optimal daily transport routes are obtained, the utilization of the vehicle fleet (owned and rented) is optimized, the accuracy of deliveries is increased and the work processes within the warehouse are synchronized with the dynamics of daily deliveries. Multiple simulations of daily routing are possible before generating a daily distribution plan.

Route Planning


  • Shortening of transport routes by their modeling
  •  Design of work areas - organization of transport zones
  • Reduction of the vehicle fleet - better utilization of the vehicle fleet
  •  Significant reduction in mileage planned
  •  Reducing the duration of transport of goods
  •  Increasing efficiency (weight / km) and efficiency of employees
  •  Reduction of distribution costs

S&T Key Success Factors

Some of the reasons why you should partner with S&T: 

  • Excellent knowledge and many years of experience in the field of 3PL and logistics
  • Many years of experience in the implementation of business solutions (ERP, WMS, RP, CRM)
  • Experience in integrations with SAP, Infor (Baan), Navision, HOST solutions
  • Team throughout Adriatic region - great flexibility and without language barriers
  • As system integrators - we offer a turnkey solution
  • 100% success of all WMS implementations so far  


Infor logo

Infor and S&T partnership

  • S&T is gold Infor partner
  • Localization partner for Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia
  • More than 60 successful implementations, including Milšped Group, Bar-kod, Mercator, Parking servid, Sojaprotein and others
  • More than 25 consultants for Infor solutions