No IT without a network 

In the age of IoT and cloud computing, network technology is becoming increasingly important and dynamic and elastic networks are the foundation of modern IT landscapes. Security, reliability and intelligent architectures are not only the basis for modern applications and services, but often make them possible in the first place. 

With professional solutions from various manufacturers and a comprehensive implementation and operation portfolio, S&T offers the right infrastructure for a wide range of requirements. The service spectrum ranges from the conception of networks and the surveying of WLAN environments to the implementation of complex MANs/WANs for chain stores or companies with multiple locations. The focus is always on maximum network security and reliability, cost efficiency and the highest possible flexibility.


S&T network services

Consulting: Thorough analysis and understanding of the requirements are prerequisites for the successful delivery and ongoing development of IT services. S&T relies on methodology especially developed in-house to cover all the essential areas from the surveying of the starting situation, through a requirements analysis and the development of a suitable IT strategy. The result is a strategic architectural recommendation that takes the financial aspects into consideration.

Intergration: In the next step S&T also implements the project. This could be an exchange or upgrade of hardware or software components, a partial transfer to the S&T service or the launch of software-defined networks.

Outsourcing: The architecture already existing or implemented by S&T is operated professionally according to best practice processes. Different operating models are used, from a straightforward "helping hands" approach to full operation. Well proven processes allow a high degree of flexibility and services that are adapted to customer requirements, as described by the S&T operating model. The quality of the operation is backed by numerous references and certifications, including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Solutions in every detail

WAN & branch network

SD WAN solutions provided by S&T replace conventional WAN routers and use open transport technologies. In addition to dynamic, policy-based application path selection for multiple WAN connections, SD WANs support service chaining with additional services such as WAN optimisation and firewalls. 


In the data center network and client LAN, S&T relies on modern technologies to enable automated network configuration, provisioning, onboarding, monitoring and managed services. Modern Layer 2 over Layer 3 technologies offer flexibility in solution design.

Wireless LAN

Unified LAN & WLAN solutions from S&T enable network monitoring and management using an integrated network management solution. Our end-to-end solution includes features like automation, network analysis and security.