Creating space for the really important things

As long as a major portion of the IT budget has to be spent on maintaining ongoing IT operations, there is little scope for evaluating and implementing new technologies and solutions to enhance your business. The advantage goes to those who are able to manage non-strategic IT processes as efficiently as possible with a low commitment of resources. Only then can you create the space necessary to further develop IT as a business enabler.

S&T supports customers with comprehensive data center services. Proven processes ensure that the needs of the respective organisation are met flexibly and reliably - whether at the local customer data center or in the cloud.

S&T Data Center Services and Solutions

Successful data center projects need to be based on sound analysis and an understanding of the customer's requirements. As an independent provider S&T has developed its own analysis methodology. This forms a sound technological and financial basis for making decisions based on a range of operating platforms such as a private cloud, hosted private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution. 

S&T has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for every data center with extensive experience gained in large number of successfully carried-out projects.
We single out some of the areas:

  • Storage solutions
  • Backup and archiving
  • Server infrastructure
  • Server, storage and network virtualization

Some of the many professional services that S&T can offer you are:

  • Consulting services
  • Maintenance and Support (SLA)
  • Design and Implementation
  • Education
  • Optimization / Consolidation
  • Extensions / Migration
  • Outsourcing

Data Centers Trends

S&T can help and suggest solutions for the optimal data center tailored to your needs. Solutions can be set on the basis of new trends, traditional concepts or their combination, with the use of modern world technologies in all proposed solutions. Some of the most common trends -where S&T already has experience with - are:

  • Software Defined Data Center
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Outsourcing