S&T Important Notice: COVID - 19

We kindly inform all our clients, suppliers and other business partners that, in spite of difficulties in our everyday business, restricted means of communication, potential delays in channels of distribution and other obstacles, that the spreading of COVID-19 virus could have on our entire business community, S&T Serbia and all our employees remain devoted and ready to meet all our business responsibilities. We consider that this is, together with protection of public health and human lives, our most significant duty.

S&T Serbia, as socially responsible towards our community, clients, partners, employees and their families has, by respecting recommendations from goverment institutions, agencies and chambers, as well as central S&T headquarter recommendation, taken set of preventive and proactive measures to insure health in our daily business:

1. Most of our employees will be working from home starting 16.03.2020.

2. All S&T employees have remote access to company resources, as well as other resources necessary to support business solutions in production.

3. S&T employees who, due to the nature of business as well as other restrictions and contractual obligations (for example, SLAs) cannot work from home, will continue to work until further notice from S&T office space or on customer locations.

4. All business trips of S&T employees out of Serbian borders are to be cancelled.

5. All business trips of S&T employees are restricted within Serbian borders and are narrowed down only to those that are serving the most urgent actions, and they are to be executed with approval from their line manager.

6. Presence of S&T employees on trainings, workshops and meetings are cancelled.

7. Communication of S&T employees with clients, suppliers and other business partners will be done, as much as possible, online (by phone, mails, video-conferencing...)

8. S&T employees have instructions to comply to all hygienic recommendations and to regularly follow info given on and .

9. Employees have also been instructed avoid public meetings in closed spaces and private travels in regions with high level of risk.

We believe that together, and with mutual understanding, relevant information exchange and increased engagement level, we will overcome this situation without serious consequences to our health and business.

Belgrade, 15.03.2020

Rajko Jovanović, Managing Director

S&T Serbia