The energy industry is in the middle of liberalisation and the dominant theme at the moment in the energy providers industry in Europe is unbundling. This advanced responsibility from the EU to separate networking from the other activities of the energy providers should prevent disproportionately high costs for using electricity and gas networks, which in turn will make it more difficult for suppliers without networks to sell electricity. A lot of effort, little benefit: However the European energy industry is fearful as a result of the unbundling.
Direct consequences present themselves for the energy providers out of the regulations on bookkeeping, information, organizational and legal unbundling. The separation required of the manufacturing, network and selling business offers companies an opportunity for a detailed reorganization of previously integrated business processes. As a result, internal company transparency increases as well as process efficiency.

Competitive advantages are created as well by means of value-based customer relationship management and also results orientated portfolio management. The necessary customer and network information is prepared by means of a modern and consistently up to date information platform.

Companies can limit future costs with the creation of Shared Service Centers. Here in particular, the centralisation of the supporting processes, like e.g. billing provides a solution.

Selected customers

Electric Power Distribution Belgrade
Electric Power Industry of Serbia
Serbian oil industry (NIS)