Industrial Companies

Industrial companies are subject to ongoing transformation: takeovers, mergers and the challenges of global competition exert constant pressure to change. Purely product-based differentiation in the market is no longer possible as new developments become more and more expensive and riskier and innovation cycles get shorter and shorter. On top of this, customers have higher expectations and there is mounting pressure to improve productivity while at the same time reducing costs.
To maintain their competitive ability and productivity, many industrial companies are focusing on improving their business processes and are turning to IT technology, which forms the technological basis for efficient change. The result – enhanced internal and external collaboration, faster time-to-market thanks to more efficient processes and access to real-time information. With real-time capabilities, industrial companies can expand their transparency across the enterprise, make more informed business decisions, respond to business environment changes more quickly and better address customers’ needs.

S&T is a leading IT consultant and system integrator in the industrial sector which manages and improves customers’ business results. We combine industry experience and insight with extensive technology to help our clients develop innovative products quickly and manage assets effectively. We have created customised solutions for industrial companies built on our portfolio of first-rate standard applications and our consulting, solution development, implementation and management and business process expertise.

S&T offers:

  • Consultation for company-wide processes as the basis of competitive ability
  • Consultation and support for business networking processes
  • Proven application, business process, infrastructure and IT transformation services.

    Through our extensive delivery capabilities in Central and Eastern Europe we transform legacy systems into real time enterprise platforms and processes to enable unparalleled productivity.
S&T provides customers in the product and process industry, established companies or new entrants to the market with consulting services, project management, system integration and operational support, together with a comprehensive portfolio of first-rate products and solutions.

These services include solutions such as:

  • Supply chain management (SCM) to maximize process output and overall profitability
  • Edit value services
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) to beat competition and improve your corporate scorecards by integrating your business procedures
  • Customer & partner relationship management (CRM, PRM) to increase customer loyalty and manage your information channels, to drive successful marketing campaigns and improve your brand awareness
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) to manage and monitor your business, from internal purchasing and payroll to global supply chain collaboration
  • Procurement & sourcing management to improve purchase efficiency and quality while managing and minimizing costs
  • Process & application integration (EAI) to optimize your business by connecting applications, information and people to business processes and web services
  • Infrastructure & performance management to optimize the effectiveness of your investments
  • Company integration

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